Hello !

My name is Antoine, I’m 18 years old. I’ve been interested in electronics, code, 3D printing, robotics and IOT for a long time. This site allows me to share some of my personnal projects with you, and the guide make you able to reproduce some of them if you want to.

If you have a problem while following a guide or simply questions, you can email me here : contact@antoinepegne.fr

I’ve done many interships in Evotion and Hease Robotics, two french startups, in order to learn how to use new platforms. For example, during my last internship, when I was 16, I worked on adding touch sensors to Heasy, Hease’s robot. In order to do that, I made capacitive sensors, then made them compatible with the OS and one of the board of Heasy, which was the STM32F303. You can learn more about Heasy here : heaserobotics.com